I am the Community Engagement Manager for Cardiff University where (simplistically) I work to get academics talking about their research so that others can utilise it. This takes many forms, from public lectures to linking people up to discuss problems and attempt solutions.

This blog is mainly a way for me to try out ideas and ‘think out loud’ as I find that as really useful way for me to learn and take on board the ideas and suggestions of others, who are far more intelligent and thoughtful than me. I am currently interested in:

  • How Universities can support third sector/charitable organisations better, and especially the relationship with social enterprises
  • The role of universities in working with communities to help solve their problems
  • The role of universities in working with young people who are not in education, employment or training

There will also be posts relating to issues such as how we can get more academics doing public engagement that is as good as they can make it and more general science communication issues.


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